Thursday, January 28, 2010 a fox!

The other day my sister and I were daydreaming (I know, big surprise) and we were throwing around ideas for some kind of group we could start.  We do this a lot and we're going to get it right sometime.  I think this could be it!  We have a lot of ideas and we have friends who have a lot of ideas.  I've been wanting to have some kind of craft group or another close group of women who get together and share ideas, work together, and contribute to the community.  So, we came up with this idea to start a group blog.  We all are pretty special in our own ways, like foxes.  So the name a fox popped up and and we knew it was perfect!!!!

I am a fox
My sister is a fox
Becca is a fox
SB is a fox
Monica is a fox

So what do the foxes have to say really? A LOT! But mainly...we are here to support and encourage other women to be FOXY!!! 

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