Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun spin on a pincushion!

I recently participated in a Pincushion Swap over at Freckled Nest. I had to mail out a pincushion to my partner by this past weekend and I, of course, waited till the last minute. I didn't want to make your everyday pincushion. So, in a mad frenzy, I started searching some of my fave sites for pincushion inspiration. When I found this

I was in LOVE!

Anyone that knows me, knows I like to have a pattern for everything! I don't know why, but I basically refuse to try and make my own pattern. That's just how I roll! Did I just say that? Ugh, I'm a dork.'s the pattern from Urban Debris
full size pattern here

It's super easy and it takes all of 45 minutes, if that. I wanted to add some to mine, so mine took a little longer, but not much. Here's my completed hedgehog
Eeek!!!! Isn't she cute?!?!?!

I hope my swap partner loves it...I know I do!


  1. Oh dear goodness! This is absolutely adorable... I wish I had been this ambitious. If this little critter showed up in my mailbox, I would defnitely love him and display him for all to see. Your partner is going to *love* it!!

  2. Oh Man! I wish I was your swap partner... heck I'm not even in the swap, but that little hedgehog is so stinking adorable!


  3. oh my gosh this is too cute!! i am totally going to make one of these for my Happy Mail partner!!!
    P.S Yours is SO adorable!!!!!

  4. That is completely adorable, and I want one. Just too cute!

  5. This is soooo cute!
    I think I may have to try one now. Not too sure what I'm doing with all these pin cushions :/

  6. Oh, my. This is SUPER CUTE. Your partner much be so excited!

  7. I do love it I do love it!!! Yours will be coming to you shortly :) Thanks for such a cute swap!!