Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Very Important Date!

I'm so excited for the new Alice in Wonderland to come out!  I NEED to see this movie and I NEED to go this weekend.  Let's just call it an un-birthday present to me!  I mean my birthday is next Wednesday, but I can't wait that long.

Last spring we took our daughter to DisneyWorld for her 5th birthday. It had been 15 years since I had been there and all I can remember is wanting to see some of the characters and the only one I saw was Chip and Dale. Bummer. It was kind of ironic that the first characters we saw when we entered the Magic Kingdom was Chip and Dale! BUT, as soon as we saw them, we were walking to the teacups and here comes ALICE! She had just gotten off the teacups!
If Chip and Dale hadn't slowed us down, we could have been on the teacups with her! Grrr! I forget I'm 31 and turn into a kid and scream "Aliiiiiice"!!!! I was so flippin' excited to see her! She is my fav!
Doesn't she write pretty?
Here's some super sweet Alice in Wonderland things I've come across:
I own this domino pendant from The Odd Bird
You can get one here.  I love what Tara does with her dominos.  She's very talented!

I also have a similar set of Alice in Wonderland cards from Stephanie Fizer

found here.
Her illustrations are amazing!

How fun is this?

These pins are calling me!
Are you joking?  I think there are only 100 sets of these.  I'm sure they'll sell out soon :(
and I feel like I need to wear this necklace EVERYday!
It's from Untamed Menagerie.  Penny and Nikki are a mother-daughter team and they create some very impressive pieces!

Are there any real life Cheshire cats in your life?  I'm come across a few!  :)
I have a ton of house cleaning today.  Have a great day!



  1. i CANNOT wait!
    But I'll have to - it better still be out in April when I get back to the states!

  2. I am so anxious for this movie too!
    Love me some Johnny Depp
    Love me some Tim Burton

  3. that alice pendant is LOVELY. all this hype about alice in wonderland has convinced me that all things alice are the BEST and the theme is just so enchanting and endless... i love it.

  4. Oh! Love that cheshire cat smile necklace! I can't wait to see the movie. I have a few Alice-inspired posts on my blog this week too! Check it out if you'd like ♥

    (ps. Found you via Club Indie. See you in class!)

  5. Love, love love all of those goodies! I can't wait to see it, either. We tried to see Alice & The Mad Hatter last year, but as soon as they got off the teacups they were escorted away! :(

    Last year I had an "un-Birthday" party for my parents 50th!! One's b-day is in June & the other October, so we had it in Sept. & it was perfect!!

  6. im excited for this movie too :] just found you on club indie, very cute blog! ♥

  7. Oh what great finds!!! I clicked on Stephanie Fizer's shop and favorited SO MUCH stuff!!!! Love it all!!! Thanks for the great links! Those pins are darling and I love that necklace. Ok, I love it all. ;)