Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Mail...Yay!

So, the other day, I ran up on this blog called Happy Mail
It was founded by a lady named Jamie (Inspired Mess) who just wanted to come up with a way to brighten each other's day. 
I LOVE getting surprises in the mail!  So, this is perfect for me!  In January, they had 56 participants and in February, the number jumped to 89!  There are Happy Mailers from 30 states plus 8 different countries.  You could get a sweet package from Finland, Germany, Sweden, UK, Canada, Australia, Thailand or France!  How fun would that be?  You could get a little package like this

or this
Here are the RULES
1.  You send one card or postcard to your penpal for that month.
2.  Send a little package of treasures to your penpal for that month. 

That's it!  Plus, someone will have your name, so you'll get a package of goodies, too! 
Signups for March end on February 25th, so if you want to join, you've got 1 week!  I'm so stinkin' excited about this!  I can't wait to find out who my penpal is so I can get to work on their package!!!!
Check out their Flickr group for more examples of Happy Mail that people have gotten!  That's where all of these photos came from! 

I'm going to the ribbon cutting of a new shop in our downtown today. 
I'm so excited for this store to open!  My friend SB and fellow fox owns it and she has some FABULOUS yarns available for purchase.  
Brands like:
Some of the yarn she even hand paints and spins herself!  Cool, right?  She offers knitting classes right now with more classes being added soon!  Plus, if you're in to felting or want to try to spin your own yarn, she has handpainted drop spindles and  roving
I'm so excited for her! 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. what a fun idea I'll have to check it out

  2. How fun! That sounds splendid.
    xoxo Agnes

  3. ahhh the 2 pics at the top are my Happy Mail!! That's so cool!!!!!! Gosh I LOVE LOVE happy mail!! It's the best!