Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something for the kiddo

I try very hard to make as many gifts as I can.  I would much rather do that than go to a big box store and buy something.  I also try to make things that my children will treasure for many, many years.  Hopefully, these things will hold a special place in their hearts.  So, for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday, I wanted her older sister to make something for her.  I found this super cute pattern from Bit of Whimsy and knew it would be perfect!  My daughter was wanting to try using a sewing machine, so this was a good time!
She did great for her first time!  She guided the fabric while I pressed the pedal.
Here's her sewed up doll.  She wanted to get the plain girl and color it herself. 
Next step was stuffing! (This ended up being a 2 day project. Notice the different PJ's)
Here's the finished, sewed up, and stuffed doll.  We ended up doing 2 dolls because she decided she wanted the first one for herself!
I wrote her name and year on the back of the doll so we would all remember!  It truly was a great gift!  I would suggest these patterns for any kid!  It was very easy and it took just a little bit of fabric.  This could even be hand sewn if you didn't want to get out the sewing machine!  If you're a more experienced sewer, check out the other patterns available from Bit of Whimsy
She also has finished dolls available for purchase in her shop!