Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Tooth Fairy Pillow For A Princess

After yesterday's post, I searched for just the right tooth fairy pillow and came across this one

(photo courtesy of Larissa Holland at mmmcrafts)

It's so different and it's so cute!  I knew it was perfect.  So, let's get started!
Download the pattern and cut out your pieces.  I only had white felt, so that's what I used.  You need to sew just a straight ine rectangle where the mouth slit will be.  After you do that, cut a slit in the middle of that for your tooth's mouth.  Next, it says to use fabric glue and attach the pink felt behind the mouth.  This is part of your pocket for the tooth.  I didn't have any glue, so I sewed the pink on.  I used white thread and you don't even notice it.  After you create your pocket, I added a couple of felt circles for the cheeks and a couple of buttons for eyes, and finally, a few black stitches for eyebrows.  The front of your tooth will look like this
Now you're going to be adding the back of your tooth.  You need to sandwich your pieces with RIGHT sides facing and
your ribbon will be inside the pillow and in between the pieces, facing down.  Now, start sewing up your pillow.  I started on the side of the tooth and went around and then left a small hole so I could turn the tooth right side out.  It looks like this after it's sewed up
Now start stuffing your tooth.  Once you get it stuffed, just hand stitch up the little hole and your basic tooth pillow is finished
Now the fun part!  Dress your tooth however you like!  If you want to make it a fairy, grab about 4 pipe cleaners and fold them till they look like this
I just folded them over and twisted them together.  Now attach them to the tooth's back
I used some matching thread and went around them a few times until they were snug.
Now, your fairy needs her skirt.  You can choose anything you'd like!
I chose felt and just guessed what size to make it.  I traced a big circle and then cut a smaller circle in the middle and kept cutting until it fit good.  Sorry, I don't have a measurement for this.  I just played around with it until it looked right.  Something else that would look cute would be tulle made into a tutu!
We're almost to the end.  Slide on the skirts and hand stitch them onto the tooth
And there, my friends, is your finished tooth fairy pillow! 

Oh, and just in case you need a more boyish tooth fairy pillow, try this one!
(Photo courtesy of Larissa Holland at mmmcrafts)

It's the same basic tooth pattern, just different embellishments!

Have a great day!


  1. wow! So cute!! The toothfairy is sure not to pass up this little girl!

  2. Hi there! yours turned out very cute!