Monday, February 15, 2010

I really need the sun to come out!

This is the view from my bedroom window
Seriously, spring needs to start showing it's face around here.  I'm sick of having to wear heavy coats and having dry skin and all this static in my hair!  Okay, now that I got that was everyone's Valentine's Day?????

Mine was great!  I got to sleep in for a few extra minutes.  That was sooo nice!  Then my children busted through the door shouting "Happy Valentine's Day"!  That's a good kind of shouting to wake up to.   They were so excited to give me their gift.  They worked really hard on it
I'll treasure it forever!  Nothing is better than getting a gift with sweet little handprints on it!  The fun doesn't stop there, though. 

That gift was followed up by this beauty
There are no words for this, really.  This is totally something my husband would do.  He put a lot of thought into this and, to him, this was the PERFECT gift!  Love his heart, he's in his own world!  I love him for it, though.  Life would be boring without him! 

He did redeem himself with this
That was a surprise!  I love these necklaces and he must have been reading my mind!  Thanks, honey!  We finished up Valentine's Day with a rousing game of Scrabble Slam, watched Zombieland, and ate some chocolate covered strawberries.  That's what you get to look forward to when you've been married for almost 10 years and have 2 kids!   

Seriously, though,  it was a great day! 

What did everyone else get????

I also blogged today at a fox
My parents won a FREE cruise from Cricut.  They just got back and I posted all the fun info over there!!!  Check it out!

Well, I'm off to do some perler bead projects with the girls. 
Have a great day!

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  1. hey! was zombieland not the best movie! I love the shirt its totally something my husband would do too! Looks like you had a wonderful Valentines day!