Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Savvy...Like A Fox!

Now for the next fox installment! 
I first found out about the savvy fox from Etsy.  I was doing a search of local shops and came across her's

and I thought that maybe someday I would get some of this BEAUTIFUL yarn!  She handpaints, hand dyes, and spins it herself.  So awesome!  So, I saved her to my favorites.  Then, last year at the Pioneer Festival during Labor Day Weekend, I came across Miss Sarabee herself!  I had a booth in the festival with my Pink Checkers Design jewelry and while my sister manned my station for a little while, I got out and walked around.  I came up on this super cute booth with all this awesome yarn and roving.  I looked over and saw a little sign that said "Sarabee Designs".  I was surprised to actually see her in person!  I introduced myself and told her how she had been a favorite of mine for awhile and we talked a little bit.  I instantly felt like we had a lot in common.  We now have a budding friendship that I hope only continues to grow! 

SB is our Savvy Fox over at a fox
She has lots of great ideas and this is what you can expect from her posts:
"As my household's main "domestic engineer/goddess", mommy of three boys, and small business owner. I love to find great deals for my family. Be it a great way to save a few bucks on everyday must haves, a more efficient and time saving way of doing a daily task or a fabulous way to get organized!"

Anywho, SB is getting ready to open her own yarn shop
Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop will be opening on February 20th, 2010!  I'm so excited for her.  I think she will do a great job and I wish her all the luck! 


  1. Aw!! I LOVE you DeAndra!! :) You rock and you are an inspiration! :) xoxo